How do you recognize true love?

How do you recognize real true love? After being deceived by artificial love, it finally dawned on me. Love is gentle. Love is kind. Love is patient and love is not easily provoked. Love doesn’t seek to hurt. I would add, real love uplifts, protects, compliments, and seeks the best no matter what. Love is … Continue reading How do you recognize true love?


Better is the end than the beginning…

This scripture reading tells us that the end is better than the beginning. It is a scripture God gave to me many times in my life when a season or relationship had expired, but I desired to remain in those seasons longer than God had intended. Because of this, I was simply operating in a … Continue reading Better is the end than the beginning…

Mother-wife VS. Lover-wife


“For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife..”. (Matthew 19:5)When a man is prayerfully looking for a wife, he looks for a companion, lover and friend. He doesn’t go looking for someone who will be a mother to him. What man says to himself, “I need to get a wife who will be a mother to me.”? That may sound ridiculous but for some wives, they see their husband as a helpless child.

If a mother-wife wants to stop being a mother-wife and become the lover-wife, she needs to implement the “space and grace” attitude. (This is explained in the previous article.) She needs to allow her husband to be a man and stop treating him like a child.

A mother-wife may think that her husband is “lost” without her and perhaps may even like the childish dependency but that does not…

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