After seeking the acceptance of friends, family, and even my enemies, it finally dawned on me. There was only one person whose acceptance I needed. I finally realized that if only I connected with Him consistently, honestly He was really the only relationship I needed.
Please understand, in this life it is important to have successful relationships with others, but as my pastor states, until we get it right vertically (with God), we will never get it right horizontally (with others). Therefore, true success over relationships only come with first seeking the kingdom of God and all of His righteousness will be added unto us according to.

Stay connected to the vine

If we abide in Him then He promises to abide in us. This means if we stay connected to Him, we will have something the world doesn’t have – that is peace, salvation, joy and the ability to express His love to others. The Word also tells us that as we stay connected we will be able to bring forth much fruit, however without Him we can do nothing.

Surrender to His Will

As we continue to walk through this journey, we will start to understand there is no better place to be but in His will. That is to say that we should ask God what is His will for our lives and accept it no matter what. Therefore, if God tells us that the business opportunity with someone is not for us, we should walk away. If He tells us a group of friends are pulling us away from Him instead of drawing us near to Him – we should turn around. And if He is telling us that our potential mate is not whom He desires for our lives, we simply must let go and let God.

No matter what, we have to commit to trust in Him not only for relationships, but in all areas of our lives.
Based on 21 Days of Rightful Relationships by Kemberley Washington, CPA


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