This scripture reading tells us that the end is better than the beginning. It is a scripture God gave to me many times in my life when a season or relationship had expired, but I desired to remain in those seasons longer than God had intended. Because of this, I was simply operating in a place I no longer fit into, which caused me much heartache.

Please understand, I am not saying all relationships must come to an end. As a matter of fact, there are many relationships worth fighting for; but you have to seek the Holy Spirit first if you are to understand the difference between a relationship that has hit a dead end, and one that has taken a detour.

So how do you differentiate between the two?

Keep a journal

Using your journal, ask God specifically whether or not a relationship has expired. Request the Holy Spirit to show you certain actions so you can know whether this relationship belongs in your life, or if the person is simply passing by. God says in His Word, if you seek Him first, all things shall be added to you, read Matthew 6:33. One of my true desires was to know God’s will concerning all relationships in my life. I recognized that I had made many mistakes by jumping ahead of God, so I decided to make a commitment to know His will before entering into new relationships or continuing existing relationships.

Be consistent in your prayers

Once you know the relationships God has ordained for your life, you have to pray consistently for God’s blessings upon your relationships. You have to understand that God designed the concepts of family, marriage, and friends. Because of this, the devil will do anything to prevent and disrupt Godly relationships. Therefore, no matter what, you have to constantly and consistently pray for your relationships during the ups, and especially during the downs according to Luke 18:1.

After God provides you with an answer concerning who belongs in and out of your life, it is time to make room for these relationships. I finally realized there are certain relationships that I had to end if I wanted to move towards what God had planned for me. Holding on to your past can prevent your future from ever taking place. At one point or another, you will be confronted with the decision to either remain completely connected to your past, or move to the place God has called you to go.

Based on 21 Days of Rightful Relationships by Kemberley Washington, CPA


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