How many of us have haphazardly traveled through life and allowed the wrong relationships to form in our lives? How do you really know if you are in a relationship God intended?

Check in with the Master

For every relationship, it is extremely important to check with God first. Connecting with the right person may not only affect our lives but our loved ones as well. Nothing teaches us this lesson better than the story of Esther. Her marriage to King Ahasuerus had a God intended purpose and an awesome power.

Because she was in the right place at the right time, she was able to save her people from death. But what if she connected with the wrong person or simply been disobedient to the plans God had for her life? This reminds us of this: the person we are connected to could either help or hinder us. Are you in the right relationship for such a time as this?


God give us all the power of discernment and wisdom, if we ask! Before entering any relationship, ask God what is this person’s purpose for my life? Acknowledge God’s wisdom for your life, and question whether you should move forward with this relationship or simply move out. God will reveal His will. More importantly, once God reveals His purpose be prepared to move in the direction God has given you.

Bigger and better

If God is telling you to move on, you have to understand He has something bigger and better around the corner. In His Word, He says it is better to end a thing, than the beginning thereof. You have to understand with every relationship God is teaching you a lesson and making you stronger. Take a moment to reflect what you need to learn, understand what boundaries to set and more importantly, let God lead the way!


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