“For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife..”. (Matthew 19:5)When a man is prayerfully looking for a wife, he looks for a companion, lover and friend. He doesn’t go looking for someone who will be a mother to him. What man says to himself, “I need to get a wife who will be a mother to me.”? That may sound ridiculous but for some wives, they see their husband as a helpless child.

If a mother-wife wants to stop being a mother-wife and become the lover-wife, she needs to implement the “space and grace” attitude. (This is explained in the previous article.) She needs to allow her husband to be a man and stop treating him like a child.

A mother-wife may think that her husband is “lost” without her and perhaps may even like the childish dependency but that does not…

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