How can we love at all times? Nothing has taught me this concept better than the unconditional love my mother has shown towards my family. During my childhood years, my parents divorced and I can recall during this time, my mother experiencing challenging times. After several years of marriage, she now had to learn how to take care of a household and raise four children by her lonesome. But even today, she never displayed resentment towards my father.
God requires us to forgive

Just like my mother, we too must forgive no matter what. The great thing about my parents’ divorce is – while my parents are no longer together, we can still spend time as a family as if we are still one family unit. This lesson has helped me in my life as well. I have learned to have a heart of forgiveness no matter what. This simple nugget of wisdom has allowed me to move past rocky roads in many relationships that the devil desired to bring to an end.

Since God is love, we can love

For a long time, I truly did not understand how to love despite of. I can recall times in my life where I may have experienced heartache and pain during relationships and my immediate reaction was to run – as far away as I can. I believe it was a way to protect myself from fear. The fear of being rejected, the fear of hearing “no” and the fear of allowing myself to be vulnerable.

But we have to remember, God did not give us the spirit of fear. So, there is no need to fear, in fact, love cancels all fear. God led me to 2TI 1:7. More importantly, He impressed something on me. He reminded me no good thing would be withheld from me. Just as a good friend put it – man’s rejection is God’s protection. Remember, He has you on the right path to place you in the right relationships designed for your life.


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