Psalm 121:5
The Lord is your keeper: The Lord is your shade at your right hand. 
In order for a plant to grow and bear fruit, it’s seed must first be put in the ground, where it will die. In order for spiritual fruit to appear in our lives, we must first be planted in the Word of God and then die to self. In the face of chastening, adversity, discipline, and affliction, God’s word nourishes our lives, and fruit begins to appear. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and patience. 
Joseph would never have been of use to God had he not been sold into slavery by his brothers who hated him and then wrongly accused by Potiphar, who put him in prison. Even after he had told Pharaoh’s cupbearer he would be restored to the Kings court and asked him to tell Pharaohs of his unjust imprisonment, Joseph had to wait two more years to be released from prison. 
As we wait upon the Lord, he may sometimes seem slow in coming to help us, but he never comes too late. His timing is always perfect. 


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